This is an inspection list of "what to look at when purchasing a Model A". It is not meant to be a "do not buy because... list" If nothing else the list may help with price negotiation.

Check List/Inspection

Model A's are particular on their own. Keep it original and any Model Aer can help you fix it. Specialties require special mechanics.

  1. Join a local club.
  2. When looking at a vehicle bring along someone who is knowledgeable.
  3. Do not buy the first car you see there are many good deals out there
  4. Decide on what you want a show car or a good daily driver
  5. Decide what year you want. The 1928-29’s look more antique and the 1930-31’s look more sleek.
  6. ford brochure picture and link
    Click on the above image for time period brochures to help decide style and year preferred.
  7. Decide what body style: Trucks are nice for hauling- Sedans are good for going out with friends- Roadsters and phaetons are nice when the weather is nice
  8. Become familiar with the value of a Model A. Search Ebay, Craigslist and Hemmings
  9. Don’t buy a “basket case”. Restored cars are less expensive in the long run.
  10. Look at the car in the daylight. Do not be fooled by a nice paint job.
  11. Look into the cost of insurance and make sure you are insured before taking it home
  12. Most important of all, verify that the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the car matches the VIN number on the paperwork. If buying out of state know your states title process. Do this before you buy, the difficulty of the process can be a game changer.

Under Hood

Outside the Car

Under the Car:

In the Car:

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