Identify by Year
Locate/Purchase Search techniques for locating a Model A
Insure List of insurance companies
Start/Drive How to start and drive a Model A. Includes dbl clutching.

 Roadside Trouble Systematic trouble shooting why the "A" will not start.

Ignition Inspect, time, and learn how it works.
Carburetion Learn how it works. Plus rebuild tips by Tom Endy.
Brakes Utube Video
Tire How to remove the tire skin from the rim.. (modelAbasics video)
Accessories Advertised accessories, parts, & tools from 1928 thru 1931

Links Anything and Everything Model A. (Maintained by Steve Plucker on the Fordbarn)

Sooner Model A Club


Locate and Purchase

Where to Start

MARC Regions
The Model A Restorers Club is made up of almost 200 local clubs refereed to as "Regions" From Washington to Florida, Maine to California, you are almost certain to find a region close to where you live. Start your search by contacting a local region and see if they know of an existing vehicle for sale.

Research Links

autoTempest I have found this to be the best link to search craigslist with in a certain mileage radius. Try it!

Craigslist Model A searches for Model A's posted in the last 24 hours This link will eliminate some of the unwanted items in a search.

Craigslist Model A Same as above, but using diferent search criterias.

Pictures on Craigslist of Model A's for sale

Ebay Direct link to Ebay's Model A pickups

Kijiji Direct link to Canadian Model A pickups, searches last 24 hours.

Ford Barn Direct link to Ford Barn's Model A classifieds..

MAFCA Model A Ford Club of America, Direct Link to classifieds.

MARC Model A restorers Club, Direct link to classifieds.

Model A pdf Searches for pdf files (News Letters) published by various Model A clubs. The link is set for up to Last weeks postings. (listings are rare but worth checking)

Oodle Once on the page, Sort by Posted Date. I found that the vehicles shown here are usually ones that have yet to be sold through other internet sources, such as Craigslist and/or Ebay

AOL I just recently found this site just before I purchased my truck. I found it to be similar to Oodle.

Pricing Links

NADA Pricing This link is set to search for pricing on Model A's. The NADA price will help in deciding if the vehicle being sold is at a fair price

The intent of this page is to demonstrate how to use the internet to locate a Model A for purchase. My personal Model A interests lean towards the pickup; therefore, it will be used for the examples.

The Advance Search Method
Using the links to the right, I would search twice a day (morning and evening) on Craigslist to locate a Model A pickup. It was my goal to be the first to respond to an ad. I was surprised at how many people did not respond back to my E-mails. It is best to call if they post a phone number. Many of the sellers were only semi-computer literate. Usually, they had someone else help with the posting of the ad, but they always answered the phone.

Using Google Advance
Click on link or google "google advance"
To be successful in finding the best Model A, at the best price, you need to learn how to Google. With the techniques I use, I can find just about every new posting of Model 'A' on the internet in a matter of minutes. Below is a quick reference on how to search the internet by site and date of postings. In addition, it is possible to weed out certain sites by telling Google not to show web pages that contain certain words like: hotrod, ratrod, and rod.

Step 1: Go to http://www.google.ca/advanced_search

Step 2: Fill out the below information and click on Date, usage rights numeric range and more link.

Step 3: Change date to past 24 hours or whatever you want. Then click on the Advance Search button.

In addition to surfing on the Web, I left want ads on Craigslist and The Fordbarn.

Good Luck!