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Please feel free to proof my work and let me know of my mistakes.

It is time to get past the fear of driving your Model A and start enjoying it. The Model A is very dependable and with simple mechanical abilities the car can be maintained and taken anywhere.

Recommended first books:
1. Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook, Les Andrews (Red book)
2. Owner's Manual
3. Service Bulletins (be sure to buy the full size edition)
4. Judging Standards

Favorite Forums: Where the experts hang out to answer questions.

VFF Vintage Ford Forum

- Thread on Best Books
- Thread on Model A Web Sites

Starting and Driving Your MODEL "A"
  • Adjusting The GAV
  • Before Starting Checks
  • How To Start Your MODEL "A"
  • Driving/Double Clutching Your MODEL "A"
  • Double Clutching to Down Shifting

Quick video showing how the transmission shifts

Lubing Your Model A

I would like to thank for the use of the chart/link below. Model A Ford Garage is dedicated to topics relating primarily to the history and authentic restoration of the 1928 to 1931 Model A.

Link to chart:

Model "A" Mechanic's Sheet
  • Sparck Plug Gap .035
  • Point gap .018 to .022
  • Tire Pressure 35 lbs.
  • Lug Nuts 50 ft. lbs.
  • Oil 4 1/2 qt.
  • Compression 65 psi.
  • Printable check off sheet
Carburetor Basics
  • How The Carburetor Works
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Restoration Tips by Tom Endy
Ignition System
  • Ignition Inspection
  • Setting Rotor/Distributor Contact Gap
  • Setting Point Gap
  • Ignition Timing
  • The Primary Circuit
  • The Secondary Circuit
  • How the condenser works
  • How The Coil Works
  • Restoration Tips by Tom Endy
Roadside Trouble Shooting
  • Symptoms before stalling
  • Backfiring under load
  • Backfiring with no-load
  • Quick Fuel Check
  • Quick Check: Ignition (Primary)
  • Quick Check: Ignition (Secondary)
  • How it works
  • Adjusting
  • Testing
  • Printable Drawings
Fix a Flat
  • Steps on How to Remove a Tire
  • Video on How to Remove a Tire



Advertised Accessories 1928 thru 1931
  • Lookup and Identify Period Accessories
  • Performance
  • Tools



Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor
3X Spark Plug
Champion 3X Spark Plugs for the Model A
Model A Horn  

Get the "ga" in "Ahoo-ga"; Techniques to improve the sound of the Model A horn

Horn Ringtone wav

Horn ringtone mp3

Two Tooth Steering

The Ford Model A two tooth steering system is designed to be adjustable to compensate for wear. There are three adjustments to the two tooth steering system that can be made with the steering column in the car.