How to Start The "Model A"

Starting a Model A is easy if you know the process.

Starting the Model A

The above section is a step by step guide with animated pictures to assist with terminology for the novice and advance Model A owner when starting their vehicle.

Ford Original jacks

Learn to identify ford jacks: Model T, Model A and Early V8

Model A jacks Ford original jacks

Match a jack and handle to the proper time-line of your vehicle.

Fix a Flat

The trick in changing a tire is:

Model A tire Change Fix a flat

From the top of the tire, pinch the beads together and push them well down into the rim. This allows the tire iron to fit easily between the bottom of the rim and both tire beads

Inspection Guide

This is an inspection list of "what to look at when purchasing a Model A". It is not meant to be a "do not buy because... list".

Model A inspection list

There is not a single car on this lot I wouldn't want to own. The idea is buying it and knowing what you have.

How the Model A Transmission Shifts

This is a quick video showing the inside of a Model A transmission and how it shifts

How to shift a Model A Model A transmission

Lube Chart

I would like to thank for the use of the link/chart.

Lube Chart

How the carburetor works

See into the Zenith Carburetor and learn how it works.

Model A choke

The Zenith carburetor is equipped with several jets. Each jet has its unique function in controlling the speed and fuel efficiency of the model A. The page includes articles from Tom Endy in rebuilding and tuning your Zenith carburetor.

Original 3x Spark Plug id

According to Champion advertisement, "All new Fords are factory-equipped with Champion 3X spark plugs"

champion 3x spark plugs

The spark plug design changed in early 1930

Horn Basic

How to bring back the "ga" in "ahooga"

Model A horn ahooga

The page includes a horn assembly schematic. Please feel free to download the following ring-tones"ahooga"mp3 and "ahooga"wav file

Mechanics Tune-Up Sheet.

This document simulates a time period Mechanics Tune-Up sheet.

 Model A toubleshooting tune up

The spark plug design changed in early 1930

Roadside Troubleshooting

Logical repair approach based on symptoms

Model A symptoms

Symptoms before stalling-Backfiring under load-Backfiring with no-load-Quick Fuel Check-Quick Check: Ignition (Primary)-Quick Check: Ignition (Secondary).

How to time the Model A

The proper steps to time the Model A

Timimg the model a

Ignition Inspection -Setting Rotor/Distributor Contact Gap -Setting Point Gap Ignition -Timing -The Primary Circuit -The Secondary Circuit -How the condenser works -How The Coil Works -Restoration Tips by Tom Endy


In its simplicity a cutout is a magnetically controlled switch that provides a path for current flow from the generator to the battery.

Model A cutout

The cutout permits charging of the battery when the engine is running and prevents the battery from discharging when not. Cutouts can be rebuilt.

Tyco Vacuum Wiper

How to oil the Tyco Vacuum Wiper Motor

Model A Tyco wiper motor

Two Tooth Steering

The Ford Model A two tooth steering system is designed to be adjustable to compensate for wear.

Model A two tooth steering

There are three adjustments to the two tooth steering system that can be made with the steering column in the car.