Customer's Name_______________________________          Address_________________________________________      Speedometer Reading___________________Motor No.__________________
                     Description Operation  G F R                     Description Operation  G F R                     Description Operation  G F R
EVERY 500 MILES       SHOCK ABSORBERS  Add Glycerin        EVERY 2,000 MILES       
   SPARK PLUGS-Clean                                                    Tighten arm clamp bolts                Remove floor board, lubricate clutch bearing       
                  "               Set Gap .035                                                   Make seasonal adjust.            
   DISTRIBUTOR-Hone Points        HEAD LAMPS  Align and focus, check others lights              
                  "               Set Point Gap .018 to .022        TRANSMISSION  Check lubricant level         EVERY  5,000 MILES      
                  "               Set Rotor Gap .025                                           Add lubricant if necessary *(600w)       FRONT SYSTEM--Remove hubs       
                  "               Oil Shaft        CLUTCH-Check adjustment                                                  Clean hubs and bearings       
                  "               Vaseline cam            1" movement before clutch starts to disengage                                                 Examine bearings       
   CHECK TIMING Reset if necessary        BRAKES-Inspect, adjust if necessary                                                           "        brake drums       
   SEDIMENT BULB-Drain        TIRE PRESSURE-Inflate if necessary  35 lbs.                                                          "        spindle bearings       
               "               "      Clean Fuel Screen                                                                   "         brake shoes       
CARBURETOR-Clean Fuel Strainer       INSPECT FOR MISSING COTTER PINS       STEERING GEAR  Tighten pitman arm clamp bolt       
                 "              Check Idle--Adjust       FLUSH RADIATOR               Tighten steering box to frame      
RADIATOR HOSE-Tighten           Open petcock, flush with garden hose, 15 min.               Adjust steering sector shaft       
               "                "       Condition top        Rotate tires              
               "                "                 "         side             Lug Nuts 50ft. Lbs.       TRANSMISSION-Drain and flush      
               "                "                 "         lower       WIND SHIELD WIPER  Adjust or replace brush.                                                 Inspect gears       
WATER PUMP  Condition packing        MUFFLER  Tighten to frame                                                 1 pint new lubricant *(600w oil)      
                                      Grease & Tighten if necessary        LUBRICATE All ZERCS                                                Grease thrust bearing and adj.       
STARTER-Tighten J studs        FRONT WHEELS  Check for alignment       HORN  Sand commutator, clean groves w/toothpick      
MOTOR cylinder to cylinder with in 5 psi       FUEL TANK -Inspect  for leaks                             Oil and adjust       
       Compression No.1    65 psi.                                         "         "       "     gas gauge               
                     "            No.2                                        "         "       "     steering colum clamp       REAR AXLE-Test for wear       
                     "            No.3                                        "         "       "     fuel shut off                                       Drain and flush       
                     "            No.4       FAN-Inspect for fatigue cracks                                       Renew lubricant, 21 oz. *(600w oil)      
CRANK CASE OIL 5W-40                    Adjust or replace belt                                       Tighten all housing studs       
        Drain and Change  (4 1/2 qt) 5qt if pan was removed       GENERATOR-Check charging rate       BRAKES-General inspection       
HORN  Adjust, clean and oil             Winter 10 amps, Summer 6 amps                                Adjust if necessary       
BATTERY-Add distilled water        LUBRICATE GAS PEDEL LINKAGES       SHOCK ABSORBER--Check glycerin       
        G--Fully charged 1225 to 1300 Gravity Cell No.1                                                                Quality and quantity      
        F--Fair 1150 to 1225                             "         "      "   2       FRONT & REAR BUMPER-Tighten        SPEEDOMETER  Lubricate flexible shaft       
        P--Low 1150 and under                      "         "      "   3       REAR SPRING  Condition bushings        CLEAN OIL PUMP SCREEN       
               Clean off any  corrosion                     "          "                   "          perch bushings       GAS TANK-Clean filter screen       
     Wipe battery with a rag and ammonia                     "          "                   "          hangers, tighten              
    Tighten cable connections                       NOTE-Always use special Iubricant in steering       
    Cover the terminals with Vaseline       REAR RADIUS RODS-Tighten                        gear case. *(600w oil)      
                        Tighten battery In carrier        UNIVERSAL JOINT-Tighten bolts               
G--Good, F--Fair, R--Replaced/Repaired HEAD-Torque Sequence 55 ft. lb.
*(600w oil) Can be purchased from your favorite Model A vender.
If doing a 1st start after setting for a long period of time, remove oil pan and valve cover to clean out sludge.