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History of Mullins Body Corporation - Salem, Ohio http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/m/mullins/mullins.htm The Mullins trailer was produced during 1936 and 1937, and sold new for $119.50. Approximately 2000 trailers were manufactured.

General Specs:

• The trailer is 65 inches long, 47 inches wide and 29 1/2 inches high at the center.
• The axle is a straight I-beam with the wheel hub welded to each end. CARNEGIE
• The trailer weighs 465 pounds and has a capacity of 1,200 pounds.
• The wheels are 17” artillery style with 5.25 x 17 tires.
• The tailgate drops to a horizontal position for easy loading.
• The top is spring loaded to assist in rising, and has locking latches to protect the contents.
• The top closes on a rubber seal to keep out water, dirt and dust.

Note: The latches, from a 1935/36 Ford touring sedan..



In 1910 Mullins was contracted to produce 1,000 aluminum bodies for the Peerless Automobile Company.





"Mullins Red Cap Utility Trailer" / Hardcover / Published 1998; Amazon Price: $34.95 www.amazon.com By Robert L. Parmelee

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My Mullin's

I had been searching for a vintage trailer to pull behind my Model "A" for well over a year and a half. My wife had always talked about her father’s home made trailer that her family used when they went camping. She and her siblings painted it like a ladybug back in the seventies. With the upcoming Model A meet in Oshkosh Wisconsin, fast approaching (at least for me to restore something), we decide to ask my father-in-law about his trailer. As he talked and described it, he said it had 1936 wheels, and if we were interest in it we could have it. I thought well, at least it will have vintage wheels. He continued and said, he has only ever seen one other like it. I was excited. Come to find out, stored in my father-in-laws garage since 1977 was a vintage "Mullin's" trailer. Not only was it above and beyond my expectations, it had a family history.

Grandpa Ralph Beam 1973


Grandpa, Grandma. and Aunt Mary 1973


Ralph and Richard Mid 70's

In the alley behind Grandpa Beam's House 3/6/2011