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Start/Drive How to start and drive a Model A. Includes dbl clutching.

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Ignition Inspect, time, and learn how it works.
Carburetion Learn how it works. Plus rebuild tips by Tom Endy.
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Tire How to remove the tire skin from the rim.. (modelAbasics video)
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Fix Flat

Click here or on the image below for the Fix a Flat Video

General Outline of Video

Remove valve cap and rotate the tire until the valve is at the top
Let all air out of the tube
Push the valve stem up into the tire

From the top of the tire, pinch the beads together and push them well down into the rim. This allows the tire iron to fit easily between the bottom of the rim and both tire beads.
Slide the tire iron under both beads and force the tire off of the rim. Using your hands remove the tire the rest of the way.

Remove the tube from the tire.

Using your hands inspect the rim and the inside of the tire for sharp objects

Partially inflate the tube and insert it into the tire, lining up the valve with a mark on the tire for proper balance.

Note: Some enthusiast recommend using talc on the tube before inserting it into the tire.

With the valve lined up with the top of the rim insert it into the valve stem hole on the rim and once again pinch the to beads together and well down into the rim. Work your way around forcing both beads at the same time into the rim. Be careful not to pinch the tube between the tire and the rim


Inflate slowly, keeping molding line an equal distance from the rim

Inflate to 35lbs.

Places On-line to Purchase Tires

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